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A double dovetail assembly with glued joints for increased strength
Dovetail joints

A special "strong vibration" panel for the production of pavement kerbs


Addition of two threaded metal edges fitted with brake (lock) nuts.

Wood's characteristics at the center of a concrete universe

Maritime pine's numerous mechanical and physical properties enable our panels to perfectly transmit vibrations while resisting compression, bending and impacts.

Based on studies and tests carried out with our customers, we have developed an assembly that is substantially less fragile to the repeated impacts of powerful vibrations by substantially increasing the thickness of the dovetail cheeks on each side.

Mechanical properties

Maritime pine is one of the best woods in term of mechanical properties. It resists compression and flexing forces particularly well.
Knots, even though found frequently, do not affect the mechanical properties of fabricated pine and hold well.
Maritime pine is easy to dry and can be considered as a relatively stable wood and easy to work.

Physical properties : density

This is an important property as it combines with the other physical and mechanical properties of the pallet to determine pallet performance.

Chemical make up : resin

Maritime pine possesses resin filled canals which give a high tenor to the wood. This tenor increases with the age of the trees used.


Joints :

Single or double dovetail, glued joints, depending on the thickness of the pallet.

Profile fixing :

With C profiles, galvanized
12 crimps, hydraulically pressed through the profiles (Type 1)
plus welded metal endplates (for Type 3)
Two threaded steel bars in option.

The different types of panels

One model and two metal joint profiles :
At the ends, metal trim is profiled as a 2mm thick press-fitted galvanised "[" joint.

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Two categories of joint fittings are recommended.

• hydraulically stamped metal joint fittings with eight anchor lugs per fitting.
• metal joint fittings with welded ends and eight anchor lugs per fitting.

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