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Founded by Gabriel BEYRIA in 1946 in Ygos Saint-Saturnin, in th heart of a one million hectare forest, the Beyria company share its know-how in use of maritime pine.
From forestery to undeformable EGBY panels, from skidding to crate designs, it has perpetuated its professionalism both in wood's industry and industrial sector.

For about 20 years, we have established efficient structures to improve results and customer satisfaction, that led to Quality Insurance System for all design and production activities in 1995 and to ISO 9001:2000 certification.

Important steps and successes of the company are linked to our involvement in quality improvement and proved by :

• 1981 RAQ Quality Certificate awarded by the French Government Armaments Agency
• 1984 Supplier Quality Insurance (SQA) PEUGEOT,
• 1987 PSI Label by RENAULT,
• 1992 Supplier of Quality by THOMSON-CSF,
• 1995 ISO 9002-94 Certification,
• 1997 Control commission of TDA—ARMEMENTS,
• 1998 Renewal of ISO Certification,
• 2000 Renewal of TDA-ARMEMENTS control commission,
• 2001 Renewal of ISO Certification,
• 2002 ISO 9001:2000 Company Certification,
• 2002 Certificate of Conformity: production control of packaging for hazardous materials transportation,
• 2003 ISPM 15 Approval for wood treatment,
• 2004 Renewal of ISO 9001:2000 Certification.

Other Approvals
• RAQ3 : DGA-SIAR Armement
• AQF : Peugeot
• NAQ-N3B : Thomson
• PSI : Renault


Beyria’s facilities have constantly grown and today they include :

Two production sites for a total area of 55,000 m2 with:
• Three pallet production lines for concrete block production,
• Two crate production lines,
• Nine dry kilns, usable capacity of 660m3,
• Automatic (150 m3 a day) plus a saw unit et une unité de sciage annexe,
• Three cryptogrammic treatment units for fungicide, insecticide and anti-termite treatments of manufactured wood (anti-blue stain, carbonyl, pesticide fluid).


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